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Ethiopia - Rasta Roots Program

World Weavers in partnership with locally owned and operated TEX, is thrilled to bring you the ground-breaking Ethiopia - Rasta Roots Spiritual Experience

Imagine taking an immersive journey into the Rastafari Faith in Ethiopia, considered the spiritual homeland by the Rastafari Community. Exploring historic and culturally significant sites guided by authentic Rastafari elders. Participate in Rasta ceremonies, spiritual discussion & lifestyle on our Rasta Roots Experience.


Go on a Rastafari Spiritual Adventure in the Heartland of Ethiopia

The tour is set up to explore the spiritual and cultural heritage of the Rastafari movement in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is an important country for Rastafarians, it is the birthplace of His Majesty Haile Selassie I and up to today it carries its spiritual and cultural legacy. Local Rastafari guides will lead travellers along different places that are meaningful for the Rastafari movement and offer explanations from historical and contemporary context.

Furthermore they will introduce the guests to the local Rastafari community, a small but dedicated and highly spiritual group of people that have come from all corners of the world to settle in what they call a ‘Holy Land’. The guests can engage with them in conversation and for example join in meditation sessions and spiritual chanting. Cultural excursions and personal encounters are combined with visits to sites of natural beauty and of cultural & historic significance. The tour offers the guests a meaningful and authentic introduction with Ethiopia from the context of the Rastafari movement.

All prices are USD - Prices exclude international airfares

  • Experience life in a local Rastafari community in the heart of Ethiopia

  • Explore new perspectives and reflect on the cultural and philosophical aspects of Rastafari while engaging with spritual leaders in conversation and joining in meditation sessions

  • Be Involved in group discussions, and reflections, which will help to expose you to new perspectives, challenge opinions, and share new ideas, with strictly Limited Group sizes

  • Gain a privileged insiders perspective though a facilitated experience, of cultural, spiritual and geographical treasures.

  • Support a local travel operator (TEX) , dedicated to the growth and support of the region, its culture, environment and people.
  • Learn about local NGO activities

  • Stay in architecturally beautiful accommodation.

  • Enjoy Acoustic Sessions with Rastafari Musicians

  • Meet and Greet Rastafari in the Nyabingi House in Shashamene

  • Visit and Bath in the Hot Springs of Wondo Genet

  • Explore the natural beauty of the gorgeous forest and jungle.

  • Optionally head to Abra Mich and visit the World Heritage Dorze Village

  • Engage with and meet the Local Rastafari Community in Shashamene
Program Costs Includes:
  • All accommodations with breakfast.
  • Most meals (see itinerary)
  • Entrance fees on city tours (Addis Ababa and Shashamane) 
  • Guidance by experienced, authentic and reliable local Rastafari guides
  • All transport according to program (private car)
  • Insurances and local licences (not including your own personal travel insurance)
  • Local taxes

Secure your place with a 20% Deposit on Checkout! (Please find our booking conditions and cancellation policy at the bottom edge of this page)

  • Intercontinental plane ticket
  • Tourist visa
  • Personal travel insurances
  • Vaccinations and malaria prevention medicine
  • Extra excursions outside regular program
  • Food and drinks outside program
  • Personal expenditures
  • Tips and gratitudes

Secure your place with a 20% Deposit on Checkout, only USD $231

Program Price


We dont currently have any avaliable dates for this program, please contact us, or request the itinerary below to be informed of upcoming programs.

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Doris Smith

This was an entirely amazing trip. Under the guidance of our knowledgeable facilitators, we were able to meet with Rastafarian elders and musicians and participate in their worship. We traveled through the lush countryside and lunched beside beautiful lakes and atop mountaintops commanding breathtaking views. Ethiopia has a deeply spiritual culture and incredibly friendly, joyous people, and I'm delighted to have made their acquaintance.

Renard 'Ras I Ray' Shy

Ethiopia cointinues to unfold in such a beautiful and mystical way, in the most natural sense you can feel the vibrations and take hold of something really in this really sacred place, You need come taste this, cause seeing is believing but feeling is even better.

Linda McLeod

Rasta Roots.........words to describe it, Vibes, so cool, encompassing. One Love, completely authentic.  Soul Stuff, challenging, inspiring, discovering. Blessings, absolutely privileged to have been invited to experience such an astounding, life-changing event! The people, places, worship.  Ethiopia I am returning, cradle of humanity, Jah bless! Rastafariei